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Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza-Coffee-LogoWe love Lavazza coffee. Strict quality standards are applied when sourcing each type of bean for the different types of blends. These standards are consistent throughout the whole production process creating high quality delicious coffee.

Lavazza Supacrema, a blend of coffees with a velvety cream and persistent aroma. Aromas of honey and almonds for a mild and creamy espresso. Natural Arabica from Brazil, washed Indian Arabica and high quality Colombian and Robusta from Indonesia and Vietnam. 60% Arabica, 40% Robusta. Prevalent notes: Honey and dried fruit.

Lavazza Tierra Intenso, the selected 100% Arabica origins from Brazil give this luxury blend an intense taste and a full body which unite with the scents and delicacy of the Peruvian and Colombian coffees. Prevalent notes: Fruity with notes of milk chocolate.

Lavazza?s Tierra brand is part of the Rainforest Alliance scheme. Lavazza have invested heavily in community schemes since it began working with the organisation. The money has been spent on new machinery and production systems for the farms to increase efficiency and coffee quality, on projects to enable farms to achieve Rainforest Alliance-certified status, and on social projects such as building new schools.