We don’t forget the tea drinkers and have something for everyone’s pallet or for any occasion.

Rosy Lee London Tea

rosy-lee-threequarterA cup of Rosy Lee, cockney rhyming slang for the classic and much loved British cup of tea, celebrating London in every cup.

Rosy Lee Anytime tea is a new British classic and is a premium Kenyan/ Assam blend, great tasting, strong and quick brewing, a satisfying colour, ethically sourced and Rain Forest Alliance approved.

Novus Tea

novus-teaNovus Award winning leaf teas offer the finest examples of tea types, delivering exceptional taste and flavour.

We offer English Breakfast tea or Earl Grey or we can excite you with some fresh new herbal teas including some award winners in the great taste awards! Such delicate flavours include White Pear and Ginger, Persian Pomegranate, Citrus Chamomile or Marrakesh Mint.

PG Tips

PG_Tips_logoPG Tips, the nations favourite cuppa and Rainforest Alliance certified too.